Miya and I went to Andersen Park (Japanese only site) in Funabashi today. It's a large park consists of field athletics, petting zoo, museum & large garden reproduces the 18th century Danish rural hills where Hans Christian Andersen was born and raised.

Their museum offer many craft programs for kids such as painting, candle making, pottery & etc. The programs change every months. Miya tried few programs today, and the big hit was weaving. It only costs $5-12 (depends on the size of project), they give you instruction with the professional machine, and you can choose thread from the collection of beautiful threads. Some of them are even hand died.

(Many beautiful threads)

(She says "I want this machine at home!")

(It turns out such a beautiful panel.)
Other craft projects are also well organized with beautiful materials. Ummm, it's little craters heaven!

How Are You?

A couple cute finds in Harajyuku - mecca of Japanese pop culture

  (Mismatch socks - "How Are You")

 (Finger socks - Stripes & Panda)

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